BPMBrush pullers of Missouri

​​​​​​BPM - General Rules and Recommendations

  1. Drivers under 18 years of age must have written permission from parent or legal guardian at each pull to participate.

  2.  Driver must remain on the seat of the tractor at all times.  Hands must be on the steering wheel, hand clutch, or throttle at all times.  Feet must be on the platform at all times during the pull.

  3. Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified or barred from hooking.  No alcoholic beverages will be permitted during the pull.

  4. Any tractor parts falling off while hooked to the sled will be caused for DQ. (weights, flywheel covers, etc.)

  5. Tractors and sled must stay inbounds at all times during the pull or will be a DQ.

  6. Wheelie bars are mandatory (unless class rules state otherwise) and must extend past the furthest point of the rear tires.  Pads only, (5”X5” pad) no wheels.  Must be able to support the weight of the tractor (checked by jacking up to confirm) and can be no higher than 10” off the ground while hooked to the sled.

  7. All DIV 3 and open tractors are required to have a working safety kill switch. (these may be randomly checked).​


  9. Tractors must be stock wheel base – no alterations allowed.

  10. Drawbar must be stationary in all directions and hitch hole to be minimum of 3” wide by 3.25” deep with a minimum of ¾ “ thick at hitch point. Hitch point can be No higher than 20" and 18" back from the center of the axle in ALL Tractor Classes for 2017 Year.

  11. No radial tires (except in farm classes) no steel wheels, 2 wheel drive only.  No duals or tire chains allowed.

  12. Gasoline, diesel, or LP fuels only.  No alcohol or nitrous oxide fuels may be used.  Tractors manufactured to use diesel fuel only cannot be converted to gas or LP.  No extra injected fuels or liquids are allowed

  13. Fan guards or side shields are mandatory on all tractors.

  14. Massey 33, Oliver 77 and like size tractors are not allowed below 3500 lb class.  Oliver 88, Farmall M, Massey 44, MMU, JD A and up and like size tractors are not allowed in classes below 4500 lbs. in divisions 2 and 3.

  15. Enhanced electrical systems are permitted in all classes.  No MSD boxes allowed in DIV 2.  MSD boxers are allowed in DIV 3 and open, but no rev limiters allowed in DIV 2 and 3

  16.  Heads, blocks (jugs) must be of the same manufacturer as the crank case in all classes.

  17.  Any jerking of the sled or side stepping of the clutch will result in a DQ.

  18.  There will be a 50 lb. weight tolerance in all classes.

  19.  Judges decision (or promoter) is final during the pull.

  20. No rpm limits in DIV 2 or 3.

    1. DIV 2 -  4 mph

    2. DIV 3 – 4 mph

  21. ​ Any tractor running over 3000 rpm must have a safety blanket or a 3/8 “ steel shield 360 degrees around the clutch housing.

  22.  Tie bars or ladder bars are HIGHLY recommended for any tractor running over 3000 rpm.

  23. If the horn or over speed device sounds after the cone, the tractor must stop immediately.  Cone to be set at approximately 75 ft from starting line.

  24.  No part of the hitch adjuster to be attached above the center line of the rear axel.

  25. Wheelie bars not to be part of the hitch.

  26. 3 Hook maximum per tractor per pulling event.  1 entry per tractor in each class.

  27. 1 Hook limit for trucks in truck classes.  This means they can pull the open class if they would like to pull twice.

Individual Class Rules May Vary - Class rules take precedence if different from general rules.