About Us

 President: Butch Hedgpeth
 Vice Pres: 
 Secretary: Ron Cordes
 Treasurer: Brad Summers
 Board Members: 
 Jim Brockmeyer 
 Art Simms II, 
 Wendall Keesaer 

Steve Borts

 Web Master & Face Book Page Ron Cordes 

Next Pull

2018 Season Now Complete

Thanks to everyone coming out to our pulls!

Thanks to all who helped at the Pulls

​Thanks, from the Board

BPM 2018  

2018 Tentative Schedule

​La Monte: June 9, 2018 All Classes with MATPA 2 Sleds

Chilhowee: June 2, 2018 All Classes

Lincoln: June 16, 2018 All Classes

Concordia: July 14, 2018 All Classes with Local Stock out of Field Clases 

Sweet Springs: July 21, 2018 All Classeswith OUTLAWS

Louisburg: August 31, 2018 Farm & Pickups

Buckner: September 29, 2018 Farm &Pickupswith MSTPA "Rescheduled"

Holden: September 15, 2018 All Classes with MSTPA

Chilhowee: September 22, 2018 Division II & Division III


Membership $40 Family up to age 18

Points $10 per class entered

Anyone interested in being a Sponsor of a Points Class. Please contact a Member


Contact us: info@bmpulling.com​

BPMBrush pullers of Missouri

BPM 2018

Membership Fees $40.00

Family Membership includes anyone 18 and under living at Home

Points Entries $10.00 

2018 Rule Changes

Division II: Add use of torque allowed

Farm Classes: Continue 5 MPH Class

Change 7 MPH to 8 MPH for 2017

12.5 MPH Farm required to have kill switch and dead man throttle

 20" Drawbar Height will be used in ALL Tractor Classes

Hook Fees:

Class entries will be $15.00 for all Division II, Division III, Farm 5 and 8 MPH, and Stock Gas Pickups, and  Farm 12.5 MPH 

Pro Street Gas Pickups, Work Stock Pickups, and Open Classes will be $25.00 Entry with 50% payback 

2018 Class Eliminations:

Division II - 7000, 9500,10500

Division III - 7000

Farm 5 MPH - 13500

Stock Pickups Gas & Diesel

Must be DOT Legal

Improved Gas

Change Class name to Pro Street

Work Stock Diesel

No Changes

Open Classes

Must have a Kill Switch to Pull

All Classes

Pickups and Tractors must have a Clevis / Hitch that is at least 3 1/2" hole X 3/4" If vehicle not ready pull when called. Puller disqualified