BPM 2019

La Monte




Sweet Springs





Membership $40 Family up to age 18

Points $10 per class entered

Anyone interested in being a Sponsor of a Points Class. Please contact a Member


About Us

 President: Butch Hedgpeth
 Vice Pres: 
 Secretary: Ron Cordes
 Treasurer: Brad Summers
 Board Members: 
 Jim Brockmeyer 
 Art Simms II, 
 Wendall Keesaer 

Steve Borts

 Web Master & Face Book Page Ron Cordes 

Contact us: info@bmpulling.com​

BPMBrush pullers of Missouri

Next Meeting

February 2,2019

6:00 P.M.

Concordia Community Building

802 Gordon St.

Concordia Mo.

2019 BPM pulling plans

2019 Pulls

Election of Officers



Rules and Class Changes

Hook Fees

Workers For Pulls

Please invite those to attend interested in pulling 2019

​Thanks, from the Board

BPM 2018

Membership Fees $40.00

Family Membership includes anyone 18 and under living at Home

Points Entries $10.00 

2018 Rule Changes

Division II: Add use of torque allowed

Farm Classes: Continue 5 MPH Class

Change 7 MPH to 8 MPH for 2017

12.5 MPH Farm required to have kill switch and dead man throttle

 20" Drawbar Height will be used in ALL Tractor Classes

Hook Fees:

Class entries will be $15.00 for all Division II, Division III, Farm 5 and 8 MPH, and Stock Gas Pickups, and  Farm 12.5 MPH 

Pro Street Gas Pickups, Work Stock Pickups, and Open Classes will be $25.00 Entry with 50% payback 

2018 Class Eliminations:

Division II - 7000, 9500,10500

Division III - 7000

Farm 5 MPH - 13500

Stock Pickups Gas & Diesel

Must be DOT Legal

Improved Gas

Change Class name to Pro Street

Work Stock Diesel

No Changes

Open Classes

Must have a Kill Switch to Pull

All Classes

Pickups and Tractors must have a Clevis / Hitch that is at least 3 1/2" hole X 3/4" If vehicle not ready pull when called. Puller disqualified